Friday, 25 Sep 2020

The ball gowns which make a comeback

The New York’s metropolitan museum of art will be celebrating the elegant ball gowns from Charles James designer. Everyone will be having their eyes on the variety of clothing styles. This event brings the great and best ones from the fashion world, finance, film and politics over the red carpet at the Oscars as the year’s fashion highlight. The outfits of the year have been inspired by British born American couturier James who had showcased his works at Met exhibition beyond fashion. He died in the year 1978 but still his ball gowns made a revolution in the fashion field till date. In the present days designers are greatly influenced by his innovative tailoring which is still followed. But he wasn’t that popular being a fashion designer of the 20th century. 

The current year’s dress code could be the ball-white tie which is for men and a ball gown for women which isn’t too different from the exhibition that was organized last year. In the present trend it’s all about making a style statement and being seen. The lecturer of history of dress and textile Rebecca Arnold at Courtauld Institute of Art says it’s important to make an amazing entrance over the red carpet by being revealed. The ball gowns are not just the big simple dresses. They are very big and complex. Earlier these ball gowns were seen only in a particular section of the society. After the 50 years of his career, James had died penniless while producing less than thousand garments. He was a great artist who nailed to create and design a perfectly made outfit. He had dedicated his entire life to the dresses even by sacrificing his personal relationships and financial success. 

The finale of ball gown will act as welcome dessert. Though there are only few occasions where women can wear those gowns yet they are inspiring and beautiful. When Oscar de la Renta is considered his autumn, collection is just romantic and the evening dresses had started from £4500 and the ball gowns were constant part of his works. Being a co-chairman for Met balls event committee he had declined to reveal for whom he was creating the dresses. Rebecca Arnold said that the ball gowns are the ultimate status symbol for women. In today’s scenario the ball gowns are related to celebrities and for political royalty which is an ultimate statement or fashion. It’s something that inspires everyone.

Today the ball gown is not just confined to the rich people. These are famous and most of the young girls do prefer to something new and be appealing in their fashionable clothes. Now the designers are highly specialized in providing customized ball gowns according to the taste and interests of their customers. There are several designers who have come up with their unique and signature creation of fashionable clothes and ball gowns like Rodarte, Mary Katrantzou, Giambattesta Valli and more who can make several new styles of ball gowns for any events.