Friday, 25 Sep 2020

The fashion of 1960’s are still trending

60’s is actually known to be the most stylish decades which we have ever had. Everyone carried their own signature style during the 1960’s fashion. These styles were also carried forward in 1970’s fashion too. It was the era for girl’s groups, the super models who still inspire the current generation. The fashion of 60’s still provides great endless inspiration to today’s designers. After the decade, came up the full skirts style and impeccable makeup and hair. That was a time when there were no skirts which were too short and not too high beehive. The geometric prints, culottes and boxy silhouettes had carried forward from this decade. 

  • Twiggy’s 1960’s fashion: Without mentioning about Twiggy no fashion would get complete in 1960’s. The bob hairstyles were great fashion in the 1920’s but Twiggy had a short hairstyle. She rose quickly to a supermodel fame. She was seen with thick eyelashes, boyish style celebrity hair style in ‘66. She just became the face of decade overnight. 
  • Anita Pallenberg and rolling stones 1960’s fashion: She is the biggest style influencer over rolling stones. The rock check look with thigh high boots, skin tight prints, fringing everything is still an inspiration for current wardrobe collections.
  • Mary Quant’s 1960’s fashion: She is not just the fashion icon in the 1960’s in her own way but she also bought the greatest trends to everyone’s wardrobes with hot pants, miniskirts, plastic macs, coloured tights and more.
  • Jackie Kennedy’s 1960’s fashion: Jackie Kennedy Onassis was before Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron, who was the first lady who had maintained a flawless style throughout the time when she was in White house. With her pillbox hats, prim skirt suits and super sized dark glasses had made several women a great style inspiration in America. 
  • Audrey Hepburn’s 1960’s fashion: Her chic capri pants and the ballet pumps are even loved by fashion designers of present era. 
  • Jean Shrimpton’s 1960’s fashion: She is the one who had changed the entire modeling mould with her slender frame.
  • Dusty springfield’s 1960’s fashion: She was the one with huge big eyes, big voice and big hair with blonde wig along with column dress which wouldn’t have found commonly.
  • Mia Farrow’s 1960’s fashion: She is the one who had made elfin crop famous. Her style still inspires the hair world today. She always loves to be playful with her looks.