Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Types of T shirts a man can wear

There are different types of clothes to choose based on the occasion which you are planning to attend. But there is one garment which can be worn on various occasions whether one needs to go to a funeral, wear for wrestling match, need to go to a pub or should meet queen, which is none other than the shirt. There are different styles of shirts which one should stock in their wardrobe. 

  • Oxford button down shirt: This has been the most stylish shirt since 120 years. Compared to the other shirts in the market, its fabric is very thick and gives a casual edge look. It’s the most versatile piece that has to be in everyone’s wardrobe and it just works for range of dress codes. 
  • Cuban collar Short sleeve shirt: This looks best for summer and it’s the trend at the moment. It helps to get some fresh air to your chest. These Cubon collar shirts also come with fairly boxy fit, button up front and straight hem. Ones should also have the right body to get the perfect fit.
  • Overshirt: Over shirts are the right option especially when its too warm to wear a coat and too cold to wear a T shirt. 
  • Flannel shirt: These are made up of think fabric and best used when the mercury levels drop down. One can opt for a plain version or the plaid one. These are best while layering particularly it can be worn open over the T shirt or can be buttoned up so it works as an outer piece during summer. 
  • Chambray: These are not denim shirts. In this type of shirt, they make use of plain weave that is lighter than the twill weave. If looking for something that just looks like denim then Chambray is the best option to go with.
  • The classic short sleeve shirt: This is one of the best casual summer styles which is versatile and for warm weather. These come in tropical prints to geometric patterns with pastel colors and the vertical stripes. It can be paired with chinos or linen trousers or shorts.
  • Denim shirt: when it is worn right it just gives the casual edge especially with the unstructured blazer or can also go for full suit. When it’s been styled wise, it’s definitely good to wear like the faded raw denim jeans with new raw denim shirt.