Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Why T shirts are so popular?

Until 1951 the T shirts were considered to be the undergarments especially under the navy uniform or proper shirt. With James Dean wearing the t- shirt under his signature red Harrington jacket in the year 1955, the T shirts have become the most popular garment. It can either be ironic, sexy, elitist or democratic. Vivienne Westwood collection of T shirts was very influential with her disruptive designs for 20th century. 

Westwood along with McLaren were actually shocking people with their symbols which they used on the T shirts like the Swastiks, upside down crosses and several other disturbing images. She just deconstructed T shirts in the year 1970 and still continues the same. They have also arranged several exhibitions where they have displayed the variety of printed t- shirts. She takes photographs of various people with a similar kind of setup, facing away from the camera and wearing T shirts with a particular kind of message. As an artist she knows how to deliver the context to the public. Public is forced to look at the perception which is provided over the T shirt.

The T shirts were delivering messages about what we believe, who we are, particular group for which we belong, what it needs to say about gender, about art, about fashion and lot more. The show also includes the ancient origin of T shirts that has actually started with medieval tunics and which works on defining gender and the unisex garments. It’s all about creating great conversations all around and she has been successfully doing it. Those who visit the exhibition also prefer to choose their favorite T shirt from her collection and always continue with the conversations. One will definitely fall in love with the range of T shirt collection which she has at the exhibition.