The Many Numbers And Reasons For Calling Sky

If you want to contact Sky, the customer care department is open all days of the week between the hours of 8:30 AM till 11:30 PM. Callers must be over the age of 18. The Sky contact numbers listed below will get you straight to the relevant customer service team for your particular concerns.

Prior to the call, the caller must be the bill payer himself or has gotten the consent of the person paying the bill. For critical issues like password changes, IDs, pins, and logins and account information, it is best if the bill payer is the one to do the phone call as these are confidential information


Cost Per Minute

Bear in mind that calls to these numbers may cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. If a BT landline is used to place a call, a rate of 5p per minute applies. It is the basic rate with that provider. Additional costs or a different per minute charge applies depending on the telco you use. It is best to check with your provider to be sure.

After-hours services are available for some. If you have it then you can still refer to the knowledge base in the system to create a support ticket online via


Here is the list:

☎ Sky Customer Service Number – 03442 411 653

☎ Sky Package Upgrade – 08442 411 653

☎ Sky Package Cancellation – 03332 022 135

☎ Sky TV Downgrade – 0344 241 0266

☎ Speak To Sky Technical Support Engineer – 03442 414141 / 0844 241 1653URN_Core_552.png_658498047

Another number can be used for the customers who wish to contact the Sky customer care department. You can dial 0844 800 0040 instead.


Common Reasons

  • Here are the common reasons for getting in touch with Sky:
  • Sky ID change
  • Service plans switching
  • Billing error reporting
  • Needing help with account login
  • Requesting for a credit or a refund
  • Payment method update


When you call it is better to have the details of your account on hand. This will make it faster for the customer service representative to look for your account history. As these representatives are monitored by time, it is best they spend most of it resolving your issue instead of looking for your specific account details.


Sky’s History

Sky has become the leading media and entertainment service provider in the United Kingdom. In Europe, it has become the largest broadcaster of subscription-based television content. Across the continent, Sky is providing digital TV services across 20 million subscribers.

Founded in 1990 by Rupert Murdoch, a merger between competitor companies Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting happened and formed the largest digital television company in UK. It is now known as the British Sky Broadcasting organization.

Sky did not stop there. It went into internet and phone line services in the UK too. It started offering a Sky channelsnumber of services to the British people. Apart from being the leading TV entertainment and telecommunications firm, Sky has created a wide range of channels through many contents available to enrich the consumers in an easy, fast and portable way possible.


 Sky’s Innovation

Sky is innovative enough to currently offer Sky Q, its most cutting-edge entertainment package to enable consumers to get media anywhere in the house, across many platforms and available in many gadget including the  mobile ones. It has become the age of on demand content with easy access and mobility.

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Satisfactory Services from Sky

It is considered that many new customers are happy with their Sky services, However old customers who are still using products like the Sky HD Box, Sky router, and Sky broadband sometimes have connectivity issues. Some have ‘On Demand’ problems which are needed to be dealt with urgently. The uninterrupted services for which they are paying for should be maintained to keep Sky on top.

Sky products have gotten great feedbacks prompting subscribers from competitors to switch to Sky. Even Ofcom, the regulator company, says that among all the big providers, Sky’s 38 MB Fibre has the least degradation in terms of speed. Meaning, Sky can commit to the speed they are advertising. In terms of other available deals,

Sky is not imposing any form of restrictions. Connect appears to be the sole exception. For the rest, there is no limit to available downloads. Customers are likewise not limited to a Fair Usage Policy, traffic management and needs no data capping.

Connecting To Sky

Sky’s Connect package is the main option for rural areas. Connect offers speed of only up to 8 MB which is now considered below the minimum and average speed expectations. The slower speed is also subject to frequent traffic instability. Compared with the other Sky Broadband choices, Connect is substantially lower as it is part of the non-LLU areas. What is seen as a positive note for Connect is that its capped package runs to 40 GB. This capped value is considered generous. Although Connect has a data limit, it is still considered better value compared with other competitors.

When it comes to accounts and billing purposes, all Sky subscribers will be provided with viewing and paying options of their monthly bills online. If you have thought of questions with regards to bill vod-wificharges, speaking directly with a Sky customer service representative can be a fast way to resolve the issue.

Apple And Android Apps

There are Apple and Android apps available for Sky Account Management. Accounts can also be managed from any desktops. Changes in service maybe requested online. It can also be done without the need to speak with a representative. For security purposes, however, some changes will have to be done on the phone with Sky customer service support for completion.

Service problems should be reported promptly within the hours from 8:30 AM and 11:30 PM. Use these numbers to contact Sky at 0843 504 7160 / 0800 151 2747. You can also refer to for solutions to many common problems.

Sky is at the forefront in offering this truly unrestricted service. BT has followed and also TalkTalk.  This truly define that Sky has no strings in between the fine print and spring surprises to consumers later on.

However, it has turned out to be more expensive as Sky has to ride on BT’s infrastructure and pay them for using the existing exchanges.

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